Guest post by Milko Pejovic

The Connor Post - Exclusive - March 17, 2017

As the Niksic local elections approach, the situation is becoming more and more interesting.

On one hand, the Montenegrin opposition, demanding transparency and integrity in the government, boycotted the plebiscite in the country's second largest city and turned it into a sham – an election without a choice.

On the other hand, the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists has been arranging for unlimited rule while violating the interests of the Montenegrin people. Exploiting its unimpeded power, DPS withdrew the immunity of the opposition leaders and is set to win the elections without opposition.

The ruling party is assisted by the Niksic local government, meaning the mayor and his office. This may be because the local government includes many members of the ruling party, but more likely it is due to corruption.

A sleaze war that has broken out first hit the head of Niksic administrator Veselin Grbovic. Curiously, he resides in the capital city. That raises a question: how can he effectively carry out his duties?

Niksic-based United Reform Action (URA) member Goran Sucur says he can't. Moreover, Sucur claims that Grobovic's son, although an official at the municipal Development and Planning Department for several months, has never shown up at work. URA is also aware of the children of other DPS leaders who get paid taxpayer money without performing their duties.

All these facts can't contribute to DPS’s popularity. DPS can’t even pretend to effectively run the government. Taking into consideration all the above, the Montenegrin government has only one way out – to listen to the opposition, which represents nearly half of the Montenegrins. Otherwise, the political conflict may incite clashes and create another all-too-familiar hotbed of unrest in the Balkans.


Milko Pejovic is a freelance journalist from Montenegro. He has written several articles about the painful situation in his country.

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