By Lushington D. Brady

The Connor Post - Exclusive - October 4, 2016

Imagine, if you will, that a government-sponsored academic designed a program for students, from elementary school on, that explicitly aimed to inculcate them with particular theories of “race” that many people find disturbing. Further, it emerges that the academic in question is an ardent student of Adolf Hitler, and preaches at neo-Nazi rallies, quoting from Hitler’s speeches and books.

In 2016, such a scenario sounds ludicrous. Even Vox could scarcely imagine Trump doing such a thing. But thought experiments don’t have to be plausible, just possible.

In fact, just such a thing is happening in Australia.

The “Safe Schools” program - promoting a controversial ideology, designed by an academic infatuated with an infamous ideologue, namely Marx - was first rolled out by the socialist Andrews government in the Australian state of Victoria, then nationwide, often over the objections of parents, politicians and others. Promoted as an “anti-bullying” program, it oddly (as some of its critics have pointed out) says nothing about fat kids, kids with glasses, freaks and geeks - you know, the sort of kids who get bullied all the time. Instead it explicitly focuses on the “same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse”.

The objections to “Safe Schools” are not to the concept of an anti-homosexual bullying program in itself, but that that “Safe Schools” is less an anti-bullying program than it is radical queer-theory indoctrination. Although its proponents dismiss its critics as Christian conservatives, in fact the critics include representatives of the Chinese and Indian communities, and even gay activists.

The content of “Safe Schools”- originally taught at elementary school, and still taught from middle school up - can be disturbing. Kids are encouraged to try “role-playing” activities like cross-dressing, and pretending to be gay. Materials in the kits included links (some since removed) to how-to videos on chest-binding and penis-tucking, and websites selling strap-ons. “Guidelines” included banning the words “mum” and “dad”, while a Sydney girls-only school tried to ban staff from using “gendered” terms like “girls”, “ladies” and “women”.

Far from stopping bullying, it’s claimed that students who try to opt out of the program are bullied and ostracized. When one of Australia’s most prominent transgenders, Group Captain Cate McGregor, objected to “Safe Schools”, arguing that it was a Trotskyite Trojan horse, she was sacked as a human rights patron.

“Safe Schools” creator Roz Ward, an open Marxist and LGBTQI activist with no educational qualifications, openly boasts, “I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist.” When Ward was briefly sacked for writing that when the “racist” Australian flag was replaced with a red Communist one her “work would be done”, her leftist cronies swung into action. Having sat silently by while conservative journalists were punished for asking forbidden questions about racially-based government grants programs, and white students sued for questioning racially segregated facilities, the tribalist jelly-backs of the left finally remembered how to defend freedom of speech.

Outrage! they thundered. Attack on academic freedom! Naturally, the university backed down, and Ward was hastily reinstated. “Safe Schools” rolls on.

Yet, one is left wondering: would they have rushed to her defense had she been caught quoting from Mein Kampf, rather than Das Kapital? The loopy theories of the Marxists have, after all, indisputably caused many times more deaths than the ravings of Hitler.

So why are addlebrained Marxists allowed to get their hooks into kids’ heads - and pants - when gibbering Nazis never would, or should?


Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. And live from Australia. After working as a freelance music journalist, auto worker, railway worker, taxi driver, small business owner, volunteer firefighter and graphic designer, Lushington Dalrymple Brady decided he finally had an interesting enough resume to be a writer. Miraculously, he survived university Humanities departments with both his critical faculties intact and a healthy disdain for Marxism. He blogs at A Devil's Curmudgeon. Lushington D. Brady is a pseudonym, obviously.

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