by Julian Rose

The Connor Post - CP Exclusive - September 2, 2016


Tweet this The level of denial surrounding this state of affairs is truly remarkable.
Tweet thisOne is bound to ask, what are these toxic substances doing to our human health?
Tweet this We are told that this geoengineering is being done to protect against climate change.

In my last post, 'The Global Warming Matrix', I described how the vast military industrial complex that stands behind the promotion of global warfare has been almost entirely left out of the climate change debate. And yet it contributes the largest single volume of particulates associated with what scientists have claimed to be the cause of climate change.

The level of denial surrounding this state of affairs is truly remarkable. However, it is matched by another equally remarkable phenomenon: The conspiracy of silence that surrounds the almost daily appearance of great streams of artificial, non-dissolving jet trails spreading out across our skies, eventually causing a dull haze which blocks out normal levels of sunlight.

This covert activity has been linked to what is termed 'atmospheric geoengineering'. And atmospheric geoengineering is linked to climate change (aka global warming). The laying of artificial clouds across our skies is said to be an attempt to stop sunlight hitting the Earth's surface, refracting it back upwards, thus supposedly mitigating what climatologists state to be an ongoing heating of the Earth's surface.

However, try getting anyone in government or the military or in climate research to throw some further light on this matter – and one is met by absolute silence. The only thing the UK government will admit is that “there have been some discussions concerning geoengineering as a means of counteracting global warming.” No mention at all of the fact that it has been going on for at least two decades and involves the spraying of thousands of tons of aluminum, barium and strontium particles across our skies.


Aluminium, barium and strontium? Yes, those are the substances that have been traced back to this 'geoengineering' activity. They have been found in samples of water and soil taken to laboratories after the artificial spray-clouds have covered the sky. The phenomenon has been picked-up on across the Western World, by individuals and professional organizations deeply concerned by the deleterious affects that this global spraying regime is having on both human, animal and insect health and on the natural environment.

The deleterious affects play directly into the controversy surrounding the loss of billions of bees over the past two decades, as well as diminishing butterfly and bird populations and a steady increase in the number of viral diseases currently affecting native tree stocks of Western Europe and North America. And, one is bound to ask, what are these toxic substances doing to our human health?

The spray-cloud formations most commonly go under the name 'chemtrails' (chemical trails). They bear some relation to the cloud seeding strategies sometimes used to try to induce precipitation.

However, the chemtrail activity is far broader and more sinister. It is perpetrated by unmarked military jet aircraft flying at around thirty thousand feet; and is almost certainly not primarily a tool for counteracting Earth-bound sunlight (an illegal operation in its own right), but for much broader forms of climate and people control purposes. After all, why would highly toxic substances like barium, strontium and aluminium be used when there are plenty of much simpler and less toxic materials capable of refracting sunlight?


The development of aerosol chemical spraying techniques dates back to the US in the 1950s. The US Navy started experimenting with them at this time for military applications, such as airborne screening shields. The US Naval Academy taught how to create 'chemtrails' as part of its academic study programmes. This information is in the public domain, as are various facets of the development of 'spraying programmes', which led to the globally applied atmospheric aerosol chemtrails that are now a ubiquitous feature of our daily weather.

I am explaining this so that we can be aware of the situation, as well as how this exposes the extremely shaky ground upon which the official version of 'climate change' rests. Quite obviously decades of pumping millions of tons of toxic substances into the atmosphere is going to change the climate. It is going to destabilize and distort natural weather patterns. So 'climate change' is surely an inevitable consequence of atmospheric aerosol geoengineering. But we are told that this geoengineering is being done to protect against climate change. Someone isn't telling the truth..

Unfortunately, the majority of Greens - and their cousins in the formal environmental movement – remain in absolute denial, along with governments, that anything like this is happening at all!

A pandemic of political correctness is even preventing respected environmental journals like The Ecologist from carrying what is now widely circulated factual information concerning these toxic activities. Activities that further contribute to the global pollution of our skies and soils, already exacerbated by the global war machine spewing out its own brew of poisonous particulates.

A consortium of organizations in the US is currently preparing a lawsuit against the perpetrators of chemical aerosol spraying missions. These missions are not only lethal, but illegal.

Watch this space for further information on the progress of actions being taken to bring sanity and justice back to our heavily bruised and abused planet.


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