by James Connor

The Connor Post - Exclusive - December 23, 2016

1) Saying Merry Christmas is all the rage. Everyone is saying Merry Christmas and people seem quite happy about it. Only the most cowed pc or curmudgeonly seem able to resist.

2) Trump hasn’t even started and the economy is already starting to look better than it has in years. In decades!

3) He keeps saying he is going to build a wall. He has been very consistent on this point and it is really the reason he was elected. Ann Coulter has some great advice in this direction. For most Americans who have suffered the brunt of unrestricted immigration, that sounds better than Christmas carols!

4) There have already been some great appointments. Sure, maybe some could be better, but Jeff Sessions, Gen. John Kelly, maybe even Kris Kobach. Some of the best are in there, and they have responsibility.

5) The mood has changed. There’s hope. And having an immigration hawk and a populist in the White House can only encourage voters in Europe to start electing pols that will actually put their own people first and stand up to the globalist hacks that want to ruin Europe with third world immigration.

6) The Supreme Court. We’ll probably not get another justice on the Supreme court who writes as well and entertainingly as Scalia, but Trump has at least promised to replace him with someone who shares his judicial philosophy. Maybe as a bonus Trump will even open a few murder investigations.

Not that I think he was murdered or anything. Like Scott Adams says, he was a very funny guy and thought it would be hilarious to put a pillow over his head and make it look like a political murder!

7) The Rust Belt is now official battle ground, and may be like the South has turned — straight up GOP.

8) Globalists and Democrats are in complete disarray. I’m sure they’ll regroup, but for the moment it is hilarious to watch the endless crying and recriminations. Especially after fielding such a truly corrupt and corporatist candidate as Clinton.

The denial is incredible. The Democrats lost not just the Presidency, but the House, the Senate, and 31 State legislatures. And they show virtually no signs of acknowledging what happened. And if you want a good laugh, Stefen Molyneux has some advice for Liberals, Democrats and Cultural Marxists looking for guidance.

9) The whole typical MSM Nazi/Racist/KKK slapdown was so overused it has almost completely lost its punch. Thank God. I thought that one had a past due date already in 2008 after Obama got elected.

10) Despite accusations of Russian manipulation and fake news notwithstanding, the MSM and a majority of the pollsters have been completely discredited for manipulation and partisanship. Which means it is a great time for alternative and indie media!

Gavin McInnes wrote an article before the election saying we have to be serious and think about what we'll due if, God forbid, Trump loses the election. Because as he put it, we don’t have to think about what to do if we win. If we win, we will wear Hawaiian shirts every day and carry around our own personal beer stein that says “#MAGA.”

I haven't taken off my Hawaiian shirt yet.


- James Connor is the Editor-at-Large for the Connor Post.

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