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The Connor Post - Exclusive - June 6, 2017

Europeans moan that Islamic terrorism cannot be stopped because we cannot control our borders or keep track of entering migrants (or their radicalized children). It is impossible! After each attack we read that the terrorists were known to the police, followed for a while, but never deported or jailed. There are too many of them! It cannot be done!

Why not? Countries exist first and foremost to protect their citizens, not to offer better lives to refugees and migrants. Countries can tightly control borders, even large borders when it is thought worthwhile. Think of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, or the border between the two Koreas.

Maybe those examples are too negative. Then think of Europe thirty years ago. There were patrols stopping cars at the borders between nations to check for smuggling and passports. We were regularly checked on the trains, even woken at night to show our passes. Guards were present on the Alpine passes to check hikers! Was that so impossible? And Germany manages to check that all cars are licensed, each radio taxed, every dog and gun registered, and earlier that each young man served in the military. But we cannot keep track of migrants? Even though they are given free food, housing, medical care, education and cash?

And Britain is an island; it is not in the Schengen Zone. Australia has set a fine example of border control. The Brits just have to follow suit!

There was a time in the USA when the mothers of children killed by drunk drivers got sick of being told that these were "accidents," and seeing lenient sentences given to the people who maimed and killed their kids, drivers arrested drunk being let off with a warning, and a culture that labeled this unfortunate but inevitable. They formed MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and were very effective in lobbying for change in the justice system and more importantly the mentality of society. Their efforts have halved drunk driving rates.

Maybe it is time for the mothers to band together in Europe. What about MAIT (Mothers Against Islamic Terrorism) or FAIT (Fathers Against Islamic Terrorism)? Parents need to get involved to demand the safety and freedom of the children, teenagers and young adults going to concerts, clubs, malls, marathons, pubs and parades. Indeed, kids have a right to grow up in a secure environment, without fear that a terrorist lurks on the corner. Can you imagine the police chief telling his citizens to get used to some serial killers in our neighborhoods, that this is unavoidable?

The government has abdicated its role as protector. Parents must demand that this regular slaughter not become accepted as inevitable and that the governments in the Western World start defending their children.


Helena Conrad is a medical professional and entrepreneur with a background in physics, radiology and ...politics. We've pretty much all got science backgrounds, but Helena's the heavy hitter in that department, as well as having a lot of kids. She generally splits her time between Germany and California.

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