by James Connor

The Connor Post - Exclusive - May 9, 2016

The Génération identitaire pulled off another high profile demonstration in favor of European rights. For months, Calais has become a symbol in France for the real invasion confronting our continent. They once again put there asses on the line to draw much need publicity to the situation.

There were 130 on the side of the Identity Movement, but without masks or balaclavas, molotov cocktails or iron bars, or violence. But apparently the authorities want to keep what's happening in Calais under wraps as much as possible and the police were ordered to shut them down.

The Identity Movement has moved to the front of the pack for a hip and savey approach to standing up for Europe. Known for their youth and energy and great media presence, they've recently been developing a high profile throughout Europe with first rate media campaigns that point to new solutions and discuss the problems others won't.

Génération Identitaire manifestation in defense of Calais and France

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