Guest post by Alexander Markovics

The Connor Post - Exclusive - October 5, 2016

Looks like the Identitarians are at it again. This time with some 'aesthetic interventions' during reunification celebrations in Dresden. The growing patriotic and hipster right movement of Identitarians set up some window displays aimed at drawing attention to the issues Germans really care about.

Directly opposite the German Federal government's PR tent, Identitarian activists placed five shop dummies with satirical banners to confront the German authorities with their poorly planned policies. Dresden was a focal point of celebrations for German Unity Day. The German Feds, Bundestag and Bundesrat were represented at the old market with a giant PR and information tent. Inspiration enough for Generation Identity Dresden to point out several bad policy decisions by means of a public art project, which red-faced government officials could only do their best to ignore.

Thousands of passersby pointed and took photos. And if you stopped by the German Fed's PR tent, you likely saw it as well!

And the Identitarians succeeded despite massive security measures, snipers, thousands of police and the suppression of justified protests like the manifestation of PEGIDA on the same day. Generation Identity had pulled off yet another high profile protest in defense of Europe. It was a chance for them to send a signal to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal President Joachim Gauck that the youth of Europe are not all happy with ill-planned German migration policies.

More than just the Chief and Tonto, various representatives from politics and society and several thousand guests were on the magnificent thoroughfare in the heart of Dresden. And they all saw that at least some of the younger generation wants a different Europe then they're getting handed. A Europe in which freedom, patriotism and tradition are not just empty words thrown around before elections.

And as often with their protests, a sense of humor was not amiss. In this case, mannequins and banners put up in shop windows on a shopping thoroughfare.

Identitarian aesthetics in Dresden

One of the dummies wore a burka and a Santa hat; the banner besides it protested against the de-Christianization of the traditional Christmas markets in Germany. Another dummy was drenched in fake blood with a banner declaring "tolerance until the end!"

A black-masked mannequin with its mouth covered with tape stood in a shop window by a banner saying: "Freedom of speech – a test of courage.“ The fourth,, dummy was dressed as Angela Merkel declaring once again her now infamous slogan "We'll manage it" (Wir Schaffen das).

Identitarian aesthetics in Dresden

At the end of the row of shop windows the Identitarians placed a lambda flag with the slogan "Resist!". The lambda flag is used by all the youth identity groups throughout Europe as a symbol of European unity. You might say they're in love with Europe, even though they're not hip on the direction of the EU and some of its more irksome power brokers.

The growing youth movement has established itself in France, Germany, Austria, and Italy, with smaller factions throughout Europe. Known for often humorous and dashing exploits that would make any Greenpeace activist proud, they've walled up opposition offices, stolen the stage from particularly lowbrow theater performances, and recently, with a playful wink to Greenpeace, they made headlines around the world when they occupied the Brandenburg Tor.


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