Guest post by Alexander Markovics

The Connor Post - Exclusive - October 19, 2016

When Angela Merkel visited Paderborn last Saturday, she wasn't welcomed by an angry crowd like she was in Dresden. Nevertheless German authorities were surprised, because the night before members of the hipster right Identitarian Movement put up campaign posters for Merkel and the CDU outlining 'her' tough stance on immigration and against multiculturalism.

The only thing was, the posters quote Merkel from before the last Federal election – i.e., before she made an about face on immigration.

The posters quote previous statements from Merkel, "Multiculturalism has failed. Failed completely.“ (2010) and "Multicultural society is no viable form of living together.“ (2000)

One might be confused, since Angela Merkel is the icon of the suicidal open borders movement, but in fact, back in the days before summer 2015, she feigned interest in stopping the ethnic and cultural changes of German society being wrought by a then already disastrous immigration policy.

The public's concern was especially clear after the famous “Sarrazin scandal” in 2010, when former Deutsche Bank executive director Thilo Sarrazin started a debate about the benefits of immigration to German society with the release of his book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” (Germany abolishes itself). The book was a run-away best seller in Germany, and Merkel played the patriot with a critique of immigration and multiculturalism. Words that can now only be viewed a cynical ploy to hold on to votes in the upcoming elections.

Merkel campaign posters throwing her words back at her

"Multicultural society is no viable form of living together.“ - Angela Merkel (2000)

By hanging up "election posters“ the Identitarian activists wanted to highlight Merkel's agenda on mass migration and her duplicity. More than 100 posters were placed in the inner city and at busy intersections inside Paderborn. The event they were 'celebrating' was the Germany-wide gathering of CDU's youth organization "Junge Union“ and a planned speech Chancellor Merkel.

The mock election posters highlight two facts:

Merkel will say anything to get elected, and in fact, there is no difference between the statements Merkel made in 2010 at the same meeting she visited on Saturday and the views of the Identitarian Movement and the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Yet she has been extremely critical of their positions.

And the criticism she levels at the Identitarian Movement and the AfD today was common sense among conservatives 20 years ago.

So now in 2016, while her words have changed, her cynical vote getting strategy hasn't. In her speech this Saturday she spoke out for "more consequent deportations“. Sounds like more tough talk to sooth voter's fears after recent crushing defeats to the AfD in state elections. As multiculturalism and the migrant rape crisis spiral out of control in Germany as a direct result of Merkel's policies, is there really any reason to believe her now?

The Identitarian movement began in France and has it’s roots in the French Nouvelle Droit or “New Right” and the ideas of political theorists like Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye.

Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, the Identitarians in France, Austria and Germany have staged high profile protests to attract attention to their call to protect Europe, her culture and values. The Connor Post reported on the German Identitarians’ protest that made headlines worldwide when they scaled the iconic Brandenburg Gate to unfurl banners, Greenpeace-like, against the destruction of our culture. Or more recently, their efforts to welcome Merkel in Dresden, where they filled shop windows with dummies, different from the ones people were used to seeing, though in some cases, equally dumb.


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