by James Connor

The Connor Post - Exclusive - May 10, 2016

According to a new INSA poll this morning the CDU/CSU have fallen to 30.5%, falling precipitously 1.5% in the last week alone. The German Magazine Focus reports that this puts the CDU at an all time low. Their coalition partners, the socialist SPD, have also reached an historical low point, significantly falling under 20% to 19.5%.

This importantly also puts the SPD less than 5 percentage points ahead of the AfD which came in with 15%, and which has held steady since the Infratest dimap poll released May 4. This can only send shock waves as polling notoriously under represents the AfD as shown by their last resounding three state election results.

This means the AfD is clearly on course to overtake the SPD as the second largest party in Germany. In fact, the AfD beat the SPD in two out of three of the last state elections.

Both coalition parties are suffering disastrously following Merkel's decisions to open the borders to millions of migrants and pursue Turkey's entrance into the the EU. This mirrors patterns elsewhere in Europe. The presidential race in Austria being a prime example as the two parties that have ruled Austria for 70 years both were knocked out of the first round of voting.

For the SPD, according to the French magazine Le Point in an article entitled, "How Merkel killed the SPD," it is even worse. They suggest that the German CDU has actively cannibalized the SPD by tacking to the left on everything from the minimum wage to nuclear power, and that the SPD has nothing left to offer their voters.

They go on to say that this mirrors the rapid disappearance of the center left throughout Europe, as many parties on the right take a more socialist stance on economic issues, literally "cutting the grass from under their feet."

As reported earlier, the AfD is growing rapidly, and for good reason.

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