by James Connor

The Connor Post - Editorial - March 11, 2016

There are few major points that justify a site like ours in these times.

Everything in one place: the Connor Post provides a single source for conservative and populist news outlets throughout the Western world.

Most people have no idea what conservative news sites are available in their own countries, much less in other Western countries. Even if they are news junkies, they often only know one or two news sites that have a conservative perspective. If they are interested in politics throughout the Western world, and if they are lucky, they've already found Breitbart; if not, they're stuck with Google headlines and reading between the lines of The New York Times. Not terribly conservative sources, and certainly not news sources interested in the prosperity of the West or her peoples.

Western values: the Connor Post is interested in the prosperity of Western civilization.

Benjamin Franklin once said of the signers of the US Declaration of Independence that if they didn't hang together, surely they would hang separately. That might apply today to the people of the Western world. Most sites are very focused solely on national issues. This is normal, but to think the West can survive if our individual nations fail is, at best, very optimistic. But we like optimism! We report stories that are of interest throughout the West. The more we as Westerners regain a sense of our shared destiny, the greater our ability to survive and prosper. In simple terms, we definitely care about what happens in New Zealand and Iceland, and even some other fine outposts on the edges of our civilization.

Not your Murdoch or Axel Springer news: we figure out what are the best of mainstream, and sometimes not so mainstream, conservative, nationalist and populist news sites.

The explanation of this third point is a little longer. At first glance, it might seem that there are a lot of conservative news sites out there. Sure, left wing websites, newspapers and journals vastly outnumber them, but there are still quite a few, at least in the US. Right?

That is, until you start to dig. For one, there are virtually no conservative newspapers in print. The Wall Street Journal is a Murdoch paper reflecting Murdoch's support for big business, high levels of immigration, and so-called free trade. The Washington Times may be the only conservative newspaper left that is actually printed in the US. This is mirrored in Europe, where the conservative papers with broader circulation like Le Figaro or Frankfurter Allgemeine are tepidly conservative at best, and at times almost hysterically left wing when reporting on the political parties of Europe that want to put the brakes on immigration. Austria, Switzerland and Poland seem to offer a bit more that is worthwhile.

Online in the US, you have some pretty big, not-so-conservative news sites like Fox (which is also owned by Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton supporter, Murdoch), Blaze (owned by open-borders Beck), or The Weekly Standard (owned by Kristol, another globalist). In fact, you might be surprised by how many newspapers and websites Murdoch owns (The Sun, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox News, 21st Century Fox, and about half the papers in Australia). The Connor Post currently links to only the New York Post, though maybe we'll rethink that one as well. We're always in the process of adding and improving and reevaluating.

One of the telltale signs of all these supposedly conservative news sites and networks is their virtual hysteria in the face of Trump. Trump may turn out to be a great president or not, but he has certainly made it easy to judge which mainstream US news sites are not on the side of average Americans or the West in general. Of course, there are others US sites that are good. It takes a while to weed through them to figure out which ones they are.

Good online news sites in other parts of the West? They are out there, frequently smaller operations, just online, and often very focused on their individual countries and the negative effects for immigration in their countries. We understand that immigration is the defining issue of our time, but it is not the only issue that will affect the prosperity of the West, and by extension, our individual nations. Hence, issues of cultural cohesion, populist politics, nationalism, environment, culture and science all make their way into the stories we link and the editorials we write. We're also just interested in a lot of topics. Maybe in another life we would be writing articles for Taki or The Spectator. Maybe even in this life.


- James Connor is the Editor-at-Large for the Connor Post.

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