by Sylvester Connor

The Connor Post - Editorial - April 3, 2016

From the Baader-Meinhof to Black Lives Matter, left wing extremists have long waged war against Western culture. Islam's violence aimed at Europe is not something new, but part of a long history of anti-Western bloodshed.

While the virulence of the attacks has shocked Europe, shocking too were the Red Brigade, Weather Underground, Maoists and many others. The bewildered response of Europe's authorities to the current violence is not because they've never seen violence. It's because this time, they consciously imported it.

Left wing extremism snakes through society in divers roles. The more dramatic role is that of terrorist -- bombing, shooting and raping. Another role, maybe less dramatic, is that of his apologist. They are the soi-disant humanitarians who aver that violence springs from desperation, the visionary sociologists who illuminate that the massacrers have misunderstood their own scripture, the ambitious reformists who descry discrimination, and the politicians who tell us it's just growing pains, and that equal opportunity will heal all.

Desperate, misguided, misunderstood: I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke our politicians to offer up our nations to the left wing extremists of jihad. By their own terms, jihadists do not want to share in our culture. They want to replace it. To left wing extremists, assimilation is a lie, a contradiction. There is no assimilation in revolution.

Today's European democracies are particularly vulnerable to the tools of terror, as we are hidebound by the dogma of universal inclusiveness. The jihadists know exactly who the enemy, the "other", is. For the secular liberal, there is no "other" -- we are all one. Terror always arises from within, for there is no "without."

The current meme of calling conservative groups "right wing extremists" is a fatal error. In the West, left wing terrorism completely overshadows "right-wing" terrorism, according to the European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014. Terrorist groups such as the IRA, ETA, FARC, Shining Path and so on all describe themselves as ideologically leftist. Throw in anti-Western Islamist attacks, and left wing extremism is the basis of nearly all terrorist attacks today. In comparison, terrorist attacks by "right-wing" groups and individuals are quite rare.

Leftist terror is, as it has always been, a tool for overthrowing the established order.

And to be clear: the established order is us.

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