by Helena Conrad

The Connor Post - Editorial - May 19, 2016

One year after the jihadist murders of the Charlie Hebdo journalists, President Hollande, not known for his rigorous defense of the West, commemorated the event by visiting a mosque in Paris and sharing "a short conversation and a moment of friendship and fraternity over a cup of tea" with his fellow Muslims, according to his spokesman.

This is as touching as then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blaming the Benghazi murders on an amateur video about Mohammed which may have offended the few Muslims who saw it. This rampage was proven to be an organized, well-planned Islamic terrorist attack, but never mind, the USA went ahead and jailed the film maker anyway.

President Obama has continually refused to say "Islamic terrorism" in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings, the San Bernadino shootings, the Paris night of last year or the 9/11 Twin Tower atrocities in New York. Apparently we will make "No offense against Islam" the official position of Western governments.

One cannot imagine a President Trump carrying out such a tortured, pathetic folly of refusing to denounce or even name the enemy. Our Western leaders fall down before the Muslim Community when they should be defending Western democratic values such as freedom of expression, and not only when it is a pansexual symbol. No one can imagine President Obama defending a “Piss Mohammed" sculpture. Rather, one would imagine Obama prosecuting the sculptor.

Now we have the embarrassment of Chancellor Merkel groveling before Turkish President Erdogan and acquiescing to his demand that a stand-up comedian be prosecuted for making fun of him. How dire things have become.

Our European leaders are desperate to see Turkey hold onto its three million refugees, at least until the Brexit vote is over. Erdogan knows this and has plenty of demands, mostly financial.

Does Erdogan really want to join the EU? Or conquer it? Whatever the case, it should be clear that he doesn’t intend to have Turkey enter as just another German satellite, nor renounce power in favor of secular democracy. This is the guy after all that described democracy as a tram: "You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

Maybe the EU is thinking for adopting that as their motto. But even if they did (after an EU committee decided it behind closed doors, of course), would Erdogan really want to see Turkey join the EU? It would mean relinquishing power to Merkel and the EU bureaucrats who will never treat him as an equal. One can see this with Greece and President Tsipras. Tsipras is a pawn and Greece would have fared better outside the EU. Maybe Erdogan no more wants to join the EU than does Russian President Putin. But it is certainly important to posture for his people and keep the money coming in for all of those migrants.

The truth is that today countries do not necessarily want to join the EU; rather they consider leaving it if they can. Iceland has withdrawn its application. Switzerland, Norway and Lichtenstein are happy to remain apart. Who would want to be in the EU? It is a failed project, undemocratic, unnecessary and bringing more restrictions than benefits to the member states.

The great people of Great Britain may see the way forward and vote for Brexit. For now, Erdogan will continue to enjoy the power he has over European leaders, and the prestige of running his own country.

And America has a chance in Donald Trump to restore sovereignty and independence, rather than continuing to genuflect before open-border politicians and the financiers who control them: to have a president who will act in the interest of his own country's citizens, as should all leaders of democracies.

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