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The Connor Post - Editorial - April 19, 2016

You may think it superfluous for us to make an official announcement. We've been talking about Trump in a positive light for as long as we've been around. And before that, probably since he stood up in public and said that Mexico was sending its murderers and rapists to the US. It was impressive to hear him say what everyone was thinking but no other politicians had the nerve to say in simple, politically incorrect terms.

But a few days back we saw that the New York Post endorsed Trump in such a half-assed way, we thought we could do better. Of course, it is already impressive that a Murdoch publication would give lip service to Donald Trump. Normally Murdoch puts his money and publications behind the Clintons and Blairs of the world. So not surprisingly, within the endorsement was more than enough finger-wagging. The only thing is, we don't think Trump deserves anything but applause.

You see, the Post (the other Post) says right off the bat that they expect Trump, the rookie, to pivot on the issues by the time he makes it to the general election. Beyond that, he just doesn't play nice like establishment politicians should.

They say Trump is a doer and a job creator with common-sense sensibilities. But then they say there are those rookie mistakes. Let's look at the issues the NY Post, and presumably Murdoch, question, and where we think their endorsement comes up short.

Murdoch seems to have a problem with Trump suggesting we shouldn't be policing the entire world, for free. A globalist likes things as they are. Trump suggests (like Ron Paul) pulling troops out of Japan and Korea is a good idea. We think the US should bring troops home or get other people to foot the bill, and applaud Trump for his common sense in the matter.

And just like Fox News and the rest of the establishment outfits, especially the Murdoch-controlled outfits, the Post says building a wall is too simplistic. Which is code for, we want to continue with open borders, and if you'll give us a chance to talk to you, Trump, in private, we'll convince you that we're right. The fact is, walls work. We support Trump for having the backbone to make common sense statements and stick to them even when left-wingers (and Fox Snooze) start to shriek and howl. Especially when Fox Snooze starts to shriek and howl.

And a nation of immigrants? Sorry, but that meme is getting a little old.

The NY Post salutes Trump for wanting to get good trade deals for America, but then (there is the finger-wagging again) admonishes him not to forget how a country flooded by cheap foreign imports is easier for the poor. Of course, when Americans had five times the manufacturing jobs, they had money to spend. Now, almost 50% of Americans are on welfare. We say, the NY Post can keep its globalist free-but-not-fair trade, but we don't want it any longer, and we salute Donald Trump for shining a light on the fact that Americans are getting screwed by bad trade deals that benefit only the Chinese and the very rich.

The NY Post goes on to say that Trump is good, but his language has been amateurish and divisive. Such criticism reminds us of another great New Yorker talking about the critic and the man in the arena. We say Trump started with no one behind him, and has risen to the top of the polls and stayed there for nine months. He's spent a fraction of the hundreds of millions that others have spent only to disappear and go home.

Quite frankly, as far as divisive language goes, we're thankful for a candidate who is willing to eschew politically correct language for the sake of clarity. Vincente Foxx says he doesn't like the wall idea -- Trump says the wall just got 10 feet higher. Some reporters don't like the term anchor babies -- Trump's going to use it anyway. The Chinese are upset? Trump says it is about time we stop sending our money to China and start making America great again. They're upset that the money spigot is about to get turned off.

Trump has proven he's an intelligent fighter who thinks on his feet. He's been able to do more in this campaign, spending less money, than everyone else involved put together. Even more than that, Trump is a great salesman and leader, and quite simply a master persuader. We believe that more than any other candidate, Trump will put the interests of Americans first, build a wall, and bring jobs back from Mexico and China to the US. We also believe he has proven unquestionably that he is capable of defeating either Sanders or Clinton resoundingly in the general election. He's that capable, and he's proven it many times.

For these many reasons, we endorse Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States.

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