by Helena Conrad

The Connor Post - Editorial - March 4, 2016

Some of you might have been hearing about Democratic style democracy in action. Apparently although Bernie Sanders has won about eighty percent of the popular votes that Hillary Clinton has won, of the delegates apportioned through those votes, Clinton has been given twenty times as many free delegates, known as superdelegates: 457 versus 20. Slick Hillie!.

In fact, about thirty percent of the Democratic delegates are superdelegates, members of the party insiders who can cast a vote for any candidate. The Democratic party instituted this system to, depending on who you talk to, prevent or perpetuate cronyism. Thus Sanders would have to win almost seventy percent of the regular delegates, awarded by the people, to be competitive with Clinton in the Democratic convention.

That would be more than twice the votes Clinton receives -- so effectively Sanders is shut out.

Thank goodness the Republicans do not have superdelegates. Donald Trump can win if he arrives at the convention with more than fifty percent of the delegates already pledged to him. Then he can, barring rule changes, win on the first round of voting.

They do some times change the rules in a fairly arbitrary fashion. Remember that the Republican party, like the Democratic party, is a private organization, that claims the right to do whetever they want. Sometimes they get away with it.

One reason the candidates Rubio and Kasich stay in the running is the hope that they can slip in on the second round of voting, when many delegates are released from their originally pledged votes. A so-called brokered convention would in fact be a broken convention, resembling a Catholic conclave of cardinals and bishops choosing a pope.

And we the people would be reduced to watching for the smoke signals.

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