by James Connor

The Connor Post - Editorial - April 23, 2016

We don't want to quibble over details, but this is about Scottish independence as much as British independence from the EU.

Scotland is a nation of five million people that man per man has provided more luminaries than almost any other of the great peoples of the West. Whether you consider the works of Adam Smith or David Hume (or James Watt, Andrew Carnegie, John Muir, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming, etc.), their positive influence on Western history is staggering. We live in the era of the resurgent nation state, and there is no question that Scotland will prosper and benefit, as we all will, from Scottish independence.

What does that have to do with BREXIT?

1. Brexit means another referendum on Scottish independence. The groundwork has been set and the intention stated. After the SNP won a landslide 56 of 59 seats in the election following the referendum, it is clear that resurgent Scottish patriotism is a reality.

2. The EU is really a mess. The arguments for Great Britain's independence from the EU and the arguments for Scottish independence from Great Britain are very similar. The EU has gone from a free trade agreement to an uncontrolled behemoth that sucks the blood of its nation states. The UK, like Scotland, is better off out, and in control of its own destiny.

3. Scotland needs to protect its borders. The first step is voting for the UK to get out of the EU, so Britain can recapture the power to decide who comes in. The next step, of course, is voting for their own SCEXIT, lest the Scots end up with a situation in which the most popular boy's name is Muhammad, as it apparently is in England and Wales. I know the Scots (and the Irish) like to play very PC with their nationalism, but demographics is destiny. I'm sure that when the Scots and Irish dream of being in California, they don't picture the dysfunctional third world hellhole that much of California is becoming.

4. Trade and the economy will be fine. No matter what happens, Scotland will be able to maintain trade with the UK and Europe. As always, there are mountains of statistics to confirm or refute this statement, but common sense suggests that if Norway, Switzerland and tiny Iceland are able to maintain robust trade with Europe and the world, so can the Scots.

5. It isn't just about the UK or Scotland. It is about slaying the out-of-control dragon that the EU has become. Michael Gove expresses it well: for Europe, Britain voting to leave could be the beginning of something even more exciting - "the democratic liberation of a whole Continent."

Remember, this is the EU that steps on the neck of any member state who stands up to it. The undemocratic EU that wants to foist open borders and Turkish membership on the people of Europe without their consent. The EU that ignores national referendums, always forcing additional votes until the people of Ireland, or France, or Holland get the right answer.

6. Helping Britain win this argument paves the way for Scotland. The argument for free and independent nation states is sound. People need faith in their future away from the pernicious teat of a massive federal state that takes their money and then decides what they can have back, and what laws they may have or must enforce. And with people like Merkel in charge, their rights and freedoms might be short-lived. To quote another fine proponent of Brexit, "Angela Merkel is now silencing German satirists to please Erdogan. This is what the EU has wrought."

7. And seven? Seven is a lucky number. A Brexit offers so many benefits, not just to Scotland and the UK but to all the peoples of Europe, that it is a no-brainer. Do I suggest Scotland voting down the line to join the EU as the free and independent nation state of Scotland? Don't be absurd. Never-the-less, Brexit will lead to a Scottish referendum, and this time wisdom would dictate not including the non-Scots who don't, won't, and really can't support the same vision of Scottish nationalism.

Now is the chance for the Scots to stop worrying about being PC and do what is right for the nation states of Europe, and for Scotland. When Scotsmen penned that very fine document, the Declaration of Arbroath, encouraging their follow countrymen to fight for the liberty of their nation above all else, the possibility of offending non-Scots was not really high on their list of considerations.

"We do not fight for honour, riches, or glory, but solely for freedom, which no true man gives up but with his life."

They were talking about doing what is necessary and right to win their independence.

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